Last Updated: February 10, 2024

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Chito's Last Tour + Short Story

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Chito moaned into her gag as she weakly squirmed against the relentlessly tights binds that held her hostage. Every slight movement of her bound wrists pulled at the tight rope between sawing between her legs. In addition her thighs were tied with the knots completely out of her reach along with her ankles further enforcing her captivity.

Setting aside the possibility of escape for the moment, she nervously watched the grizzled looking man as he quietly finished putting away his tools. The duct tape, rags and rope that were previoulsy used on her were al shuffled into a backpack one by one.

“Heh, not often you find another person around, let alone someone as cute as you. I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun together in this abandoned world.”


Normally she would have enjoyed a compliment like that but it was hard to feel anything other than frustration at him for tying her up liek this and at herself for her lack of caution when it came to strangers.

“You know, you mentioned someone else didn’t you? I wonder if she’s as cute as you are… maybe I’ll go so see if I can find her I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get lonely of course~”

“Nnghhh!! Nnhg! Mmmh.”

With tears in her eyes she furiously protested into the dirty rags that filled the inside of her mouth. It was already bad enough that she had gotten herself captured like this but there’s no way she could let Yuu pay for the same mistake as well.

With renewed vigour she began to furiously struggle against the ropes. Hearing the loud creaks of the rope against her body it almost felt like she was making progress.

“I can tell you’re not gonna behave while I go pickup your friend, are you?”

The line sent shivers down her spine as she imagined all the different ways he could make her much situation worse. She could only feebly twist her ankles and wiggle her sock covered soles as he pulled the rope back out of his bag and approached her with a menancing look in his eyes.