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About me

Hi my name is himari.~

Formerly known as imoutoid, or Frandle or whatever name you might have known me as that I have shed like a shapeshifter.

I’m a girl that really like drawing cute boys and girls, making bondage and socked feet stuff and creating cute characters and stories around it. I’ve got a dream of doing it full time, hopefully in the next couple of years I can get there!!

I’m also into making games and other cool media stuff - you can find these on the projects section of my site. Recently, I’ve been getting my hands dirty learning game engines, making my own music, and working on 3D modeling. I’m hoping this means I’ll have even more awesome projects to share with you all soon.

Thank you very much for stopping by!

If you’d like to contact me you can via email you can at

imouto (at) outlook .com

or probably easier on Discord at