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Spinning Elysia


A planet where reality defies conventional physics, evolving into a cube instead of a sphere. As a result the strongest civilization has divided the planet into quadrants to make things easier to distinguish.

Quadrant 1: A neon-lit, futuristic city dominated by powerful corporations, with Elysium Corp at the helm.

Quadrant 2: East of Quadrant 1, this region maintains connections with its neighbor yet distinctly features a modern, affluent lifestyle reminiscent of the upper middle class. Here, conventional cars rule the streets, unlike the hover cars of Quadrant 1.

Quadrant 3: A medieval Europe setting, but not due to their choice. This is where Mina Augustina rules a the southern kingdom of Lombardy, while Cilia Devereux resides in West Francia. The eastern neighbor, East Francia, remains shrouded in mystery. An imposing wall isolates Quadrant 3 from Quadrants 1 and 2, its origins and purpose a puzzling enigma to the populace.

The first two quadrants are intrigued by the rest of Elysia, observing the other sides as a source of entertainment. These "savages" are kept purposely unaware of the extent of available technology, although illegal market activities occasionally seep into Quadrant 3, altering the balance and adding a dose of thrill for the spectators.

Quadrant 4: A simulation of Edo period Japan.

Quadrant 5: At the center of Elysia is an island buffeted by formidable typhoons, where rumour has it, a race of beast people, distinguished by animal ears and tails, reside.

Quadrant 6: A land shrouded in an impenetrable fog. So mysterious that even Quadrant 1 knows little of what lies beyond the endless ocean's mists.