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Might be surprising but I haven’t been sitting around on my hands recently but been hard at work learning Godot and putting lots of time into learning GDScript and how to put everything together!

I’ve had quite a few projects so far that I’ve included gifs of at the beginning of this blog post.

First Project: Mina Slave Camp Escape Game

I had the idea for a game where you play as Mina Augustina after Escape Game 4. You get picked up by bandits after wandering the desert and have to escape while freeing Rikami! I think it’s an idea that I’m going to go back to at some point in Godot instead of Unity. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Unity but I do really enjoy the freedom of Godot where it’s a game that I own completely and don’t have to worry about some 3rd party company dictating what I can and can’t do.

The only thing I’ve missed so far is the dynamic bone addon from Unity it’s super nice to have generated floppy hair but I figured out how to do it in Blender and bake it to animation so it’s not that bad and being able to manually tweak it makes the hair look a bit less janky actually.

Second Project: Femboy Writer Escape Game

Something I always really liked when I was younger is those games like Grim Fandango where you walk around with WASD and examine stuff in a 3d environment it was really cool and always peaked my imagination in a fun way. So why not combine my love for adventure games and that at the same time? In this one you play as a cute boy writer that gets grabbed and kidnapped by a crazy fan and you have to escape her apartment! I have this one like 50% done I really need to finish it honestly.

Third Project: Hazel’s Final Gamble(仮)

Not sure if I’m going to keep that title but this is my latest project that I’ve been very excited about! Take the role of Hazel Raine in a Quadrant 2 adventure where you have to win a string of 5 Mahjong games in a row. Win and your debt is erased, lose and well. I’m sure you can imagine where that would go from there haha. I really want to finish this one but I’m worried that the accesibility might be kinda low since it’s about Mahjong and not many people know how to play. I’m hoping the losing events might make even losing something fun though!

Well that’s all I have going for now! I’m gonna keep plugging away at these and hopefully FINISH SOMETHING at some point so I can have people play

Until next update!~